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Let an expert promote 

your valuables

like an auction house but in a smarter way, 

free from hassle and at a fraction of the cost

Download Klue on the appstore!

Klue is currently only available

on the Swedish appstore

Get professional valuation and description from 
our top experts 

Snap pictures and add a short description

Publish on your favorite online market place, directly through the app

Keep your items in your home. Avoid risky moving and unnecessary shipping costs.   

Get maximum exposure and sell where people already are*.

No more waiting for several weeks. Upload expert certified items for sale within hours.

Boost prices through trust. Collectors and buyers are looking for certified quality.

Unbiased valuation based on real and recent market prices. 

Connect with a personal sales expert with a long experience from the auction world.

Credibility = better deals

*8 of 10 Swedes have either sold or bought through blocket.se. 

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